The Crisis of White Liberalism in the 21st Century

Someone somewhere soon should do an extensive study on how the white liberal has malformed themselves into the 21st century.

Norman Mailer did an interesting job of exploring the social aspect of whites from the Harlem Renaissance into the Modal era of Jazz in The White Negro back in 1957.

He was on point in calling them psychopaths and demented sycophants but there is little else of value in the piece.

The last forty years has seen the transformation and further of the white liberal activist/double agent.

The ones I’ve met recently fall into very peculiar categories, though there are dozens of traumatized categories many of them fall into.

There is the white liberal who truly believes oppression is cool and creates a cultivated persona of alliance and gradually develops a regimen of immersing themselves in all aspects of black/red culture. They’ll top it off with a partner of color who does spoken word in Yoruba.

This type of liberal is extremely intelligent in its parasitic nature and strives to convince you as deeply as they’ve convinced themselves that they want to “fight the power”

We all know about the appeal of a Yelawolf, a Timberlake or a Mac Miller.

The White liberal activist is as deadly as Clarence Thomas, Barack Obama, The aspiring black bourgeois or a mulatto who doesn’t know who to be loyal towards.

The White Liberal will be forever lost in their quest for revolution because they are really after personal salvation.

The White Liberal does not have it within them to sharpen their scope, expand their idea of struggle, and suffer for clarity.

They don’t want to put in the work, by that I mean, work on themselves. Test their souls brothers and sisters. It isn’t difficult.

Their idea of a rebellious alliance is still rooted in making America into “the great place we all know it should be”

They move into “dangerous” neighborhoods  while gentrification is taking place and claim they now have “street cred” 

Then they move back into the all white cites from which they come from and use their time in the big city to justify their illusions of having suffered,  fought, and worked with people of color.

It’s a status symbol to them.

They are above all – lost from the true knowledge of greater self affirmation. 

The White Liberal, like whites in general still do not realize that whatever inhumane injustice has been imposed upon three/fourths of the world – the original injustice started with them.

Whites have been and continue to be the greatest victims of the industrial ruling class, male chauvinist murder cult mindset. 

Whites continue to be the most traumatized, tragic, and ignorant of all people on this earth. They are used and manipulated by the same entities that first converted them to Christianity and laughed at their elemental gods in Europe.

It was a dress rehearsal and yet – 700 years later whites continue to play the parts their slave masters assigned them.

This has created a great confusion over the centuries up to today. There are many routes radical whites could take toward true self emancipation and spiritual nobility. Most don’t. I know none that has. It’s deeper than fighting. It’s deeper than displaying your rage and confusion at a country you finally realized has no more respect or use for you than it does a dog. Slavery is global, the foot soldiers, the conquistadors have long sense been useless, unless your police.

My people of color, please realize – as deranged, and divided as we have been made  – we still (ideally speaking) know something of ourselves. We still retain an awareness that our cultural, political, and spiritual heart is somewhere beyond this pale land of kings and serfs. We have a continuity with each other. We speak a silent language and we weep the same red tears.

Whites have been deprived of this sacred knowledge of original self longer than we have, therefore, they remain trapped in the image of those who took it away. They have few great warriors of note who have attempted to archive this aspect of their original gods and ancient ways. It was burned along with their humanity. This is what allowed them to sell their children into prostitution during the Crusades. This is what allowed them to steal, rape and scalp thousands of indigenous peoples. This is what allowed to lynch black men and then display the severed body parts in butcher shops as souvenirs. This is what allowed to be the most demonstrable group of captors and invaders the world has ever known. They have been the greatest victims, not us.

We have no answers for white people. It’s a matter of self discipline and responsibility. It’s a matter of creating your own sun dance and realigning yourself in a sincere and selfless way with the rest of humanity…for when white people see humanity, they usually see their slave masters as ahead, not a part. Not whole. The white liberal is not whole and using us to find yourself is tantamount to killing us.

They will not find their liberation, fearlessness, and respect from other powers through immersing themselves in the suffering of cultures that did not produce them. It is to be found through their very being…but this requires a tremendous amount of self discipline, isolation, and thought. Are the ones around them willing to support the selflessness one must acquire in order to find an authentic voice in the North American Wilderness? Solidarity is one thing – stirring your people is another. No one of color envies the incredibly lonely task of a few insane “white” people who have waged war against whiteness. It is unenviable because we both know whites have been deprived of this sacred knowledge of original self longer than we have, therefore, they remain trapped in the image of those who took it away.


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