Palestine & The Failure of Educating Oppressors

A few Quick thoughts on Palestine & The Failure of Educating Oppressors 

No, both sides are not to blame. 

No, for the thousandth time, Israel is not a nation of Nazis but they have certainly inherited a maladjusted facet of Hitler’s ideology. 

Yes, for the thousandth time, Anti Zionists are Anti Oppression, Anti Genocidal, Anti Empire, not Anti Jewish. 

The Jewish People are essentially European converts to the faith and should have taken their grievances to their homeland – in Europe. 

The problem with this discussion, like countless others, is that non white people are constantly asking themselves, with the abundance of information out there, with the clear words of genocide from heads of state and professors toward the Palestinians, with the 3 billion dollar receipts the colonial state receives…how can anyone still support this demonstrable and cruel machine? The police state that exists in Palestine might be the world’s longest. It is astounding that it has taken some 66 years for the press to give the western public a variety of media options… some of those outlets are honorable, most aren’t. 

Be suspicious when the political left and right (same entity) begin to show sympathy toward a people (or country) that they have so long endorsed and financed it’s destruction. A U.S/Israel breakdown is probably in the works.

There is no way to talk about or prove anything to these white sleepwalkers about History, Race, Genocide, Slavery, Prison Systems, Queer and Trans Violence, and the consistent murder of children of color – because they operate in a different reality. Revolutionary Education and Dialogue will only heal US. We must understand that “educating” them is pointless, they have been trained like apes to study our history and indeed they have, albeit through the lens of a sniper. The benefits they have received from assimilation slavery have allowed them to tolerate oppression to such an extent that they truly can’t fathom an alternative. This can be traced back to the mythology of the white proletariat. 

Says J. Sakai: “The most conspicuous difference between Europe and North America was class in the outward form of race. In the centuries before World War II, the overwhelming mass of the European populations were poor and in misery. They were the proletarian classes, the laborers, poor peasants, and oppressed industrial workers. But in the settler colonies and nations, the lowest classes, the proletarians, were the natives, the conquered, or the imported colonial laborers. While white settler workers were automatically, from birth, no matter how poor, a whole level up”

Now, do we have a better understanding of wasting our energy trying to prove whiteness wrong?

Protest does not work. Arguing does not work. I am not advocating a cease fire of words towards racists and warmongers. 

If we obliterate the system, the same Columbus inspired system found in Western Asia, United States, Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia – when we can attack that and in the process heal our people, reconnect them back to a genetic and fluid consciousness where the earth was mother and man was an extension of the supreme cosmic mother and women were the keepers of ancient knowledge, the healers of men, the head of armies lost to history – then we might have a chance to continue to give humanity some remote hope in the face of western man’s never ending desire to plunder all that is holy for profit. 

Then will we have a revolution that won’t have to rise up and become like the state before it to protect itself. 

If you attack the state, you disrupt ideology – when you fragment ideology by force – it opens the doors for radical whites who have waged war on whiteness to step in and complete the revolution.

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