A note on the nature of protest.

imageTo all my relatives, friends and allies who have participated in the Michael Brown Marches – specifically the younger ones who are experiencing the rush of protesting for the first time – do not let the feeling of the rock and roll crowd distract you from the greater truths about the history of our people’s suffering and the original ways in which we have fought back these last 600 years.

Civil disobedience, non violent protest, and marching accomplishes nothing beyond the obvious. It’s a form of mourning that makes one feel good for a time. It’s a tactic reserved to keep you in check and to keep you politely shouting about all the deranged ways in which they have mortified our flesh, for profit and sport.

Studying the radicalism of the 19th century is far more beneficial to an evolutionary’s spiritual and mental health. Studying Garvey, Means, Malcolm, Anna Mae Aquash, Assata, Prince Hall, Hubert Harrison, Yaa Asantewaa, Dessalines and countless others is far more beneficial to you than allowing the nature of feel good political activism to override revolutionary thought.

Josie Duffy pointed out that you do not have to be Che or Lumumba to be a threat – you just have to be black. You just have to be non white. You do not have an obligation to educate the soulless, unfeeling vastly demoralized white majority, as our prophet Toni Morrison once remarked some forty years ago. That’s like trying to defy nature.

Defying nature, as we know is a loss of the greatest order.
We are power. We are nature. We have always been aligned with the ways of the earth. It is the European who has gone insane trying to subjugate, study, and torture the earth. Look at our mythologies. Look at all we have endured.

The ancients knew that the coming of the European was the coming of darkness. They left such weapons of wisdom for us to endure and survive. Reread the Osiris myth. Reread the Blackfoot, Crow and Cheyenne creation myths among countless others. They warned us of the spiritual disease of whiteness. They knew as the earth knows. We did not outthink them this long to be castrated by marching as a defense strategy.

We did not come this far to have our existence, our collective energy, our life blood be drained and used against us. Ask yourself who benefits from protest? Who indeed is asleep? The oppressor certainly isn’t. All protest is a facet of spirit sadness. All protest is a device used by the republic to lure us into their liberal tentacles and keep us singing in our chains, as we drown in the sea.

My people of color, our very breath, our bodies have been deemed an act of resistance by the republic of death. Now the objective must be to join the heart, the consciousness, and the spirit with the flesh that has been deemed public enemy number one – despite your Cadillacs, degrees, suburban homes and democratic allegiances.

It’s over. What more must they do to tell you, the rewards of being in the west do not belong to you or your children. You don’t need to adhere to the tactics of a generation that fought passively and lovingly. You don’t need signs or rallies or meetings or leaflets or MSNBC demands for equality.

You need your original selves. You need an open heart whose passion for justice encompasses the globe. You need a discipline that will sustain you and your children yet to be born on the importance of nourishing that original self beyond the shores of this pale land of kings and merchants.

You need new freedom songs written in the blood of Haiti and Jamaica.
You need to mine your creative genius so that everything you give birth to will contain a message of ascension and liberation that will touch our people for generations to come.

You don’t think our greatest artists left works of prophetic truth behind? It is there – to be deciphered by those who are meant to.

This is our resistance. It rests within us. Our organizing. Our healing. Our salvation rests within our ability to recover an indigenous identity – an identity waiting for us to collectivity rise up and reclaim. We are nature and as one of our master teachers said, we will give humanity back it’s meaning.

Burn all signs. Burn all flags. Burn your allegiance to a tactic that serves no one but the predator.

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