On the importance of disregarding cream in our global coffee.

In light of Indigenous Peoples Day and the Ferguson revolts…

I know we’re supposed to be grateful that particular “White” Americans and sections of the mainstream have slowly been warming up to having an unabashed “dialogue” about all the demonic and demonstrable crimes whiteness has allowed Europeans to commit in creating the modern world…

This level of “white” awareness in the last decade or so, perhaps prompted by Bush, seems to have been the perfect trigger for radical white liberalism to reemerge.

This “dialogue” amongst the mainstream is dangerous and its ramifications are deadlier.

Can someone tell me the last time a grassroots, non white movement succeeded when white people integrated themselves into every facet of it?

The decades that led to the civil rights movement were more important than the legislative “victories” that followed. The decade that preceded the American Indian Movement and the first couple years of the movement was a period of genius.

Both these renaissance revolts produced visionaries of the highest order. Both these early movements rose to prominence without WHITE support. Both these movements failed partly due to WHITE support, attention and infiltration.

…today’s infiltration is an act of desperation and salvation, more suspect than the status symbols of the 20th century.

I’ll only be grateful when whites start having violent, heated “dialogues” about the price paid for being white. I’ll be grateful when I start seeing them wipe the blood from their palms and begin doing soul maintenance that takes them back further than Europe.

Do not be impressed. Do not applaud them. Stay woke. Stay close.



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