Ferguson & The New Black


Ferguson Thanks Taking Arguments led me to ponder about….

The Lack of Brown/Black Unity.

Some of our Latino brothers and sisters see the burning tactics of a city the same way whites do. No argument can sway their economical, working man logic.

The New Black?

An extension of the travesty known as civil rights.

An extension that allowed us to make our oppressors wealthy.

An extension that has allowed a percentage of us to imitate,  join the ranks and dictate “white doctrines” from above.

Blacks who own Plantations are not disqualified from slave status.

The New Black,  is ignorant of History.

Why do we continue to prove our humaneness to a republic that will never adhere to it?

When are we going to learn that Justice resides within the Universe???

Our Genetic Memory resides within the Universe.

When we work up enough nerve to employ a generation with the discipline of rediscovering that consciousness, then MAYBE –

We will watch that indigenous spirit aflame and they will cease to listen to black puppets, celebrities and politicians on how we should reclaim our liberty.

We will watch them eradicate any man or man-made injustice that gets in their way, for they will know the genius multifaceted system of slavery that held their ancestors in all forms of captivity – warrants no vigil, discussion or debate.

They will know as Brother Malcolm said, that their suffering is unjust, immoral, illegal, and that anything they do to correct it or eliminate it, they’re justified.

We will watch new flags and new states rise OR we will descend into a madness unknown and a cure non existent.

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