Unified Planetary Consciousness is Resistance, Not Protest


This is our Ghost Dance. Our restoration of original selves. Our Spiritual Movement. Our Last Stand. Our Revelation.

Protest is Dead.

The Social Evolution cannot come through battle, but thought. Our ability to outthink them will be our triumph. We will thrive, not survive. We will allow our genius to be exploited, no more.

We will be balanced.

In India, Hindu Nationalists fight to prevent their young women from partaking in western beauty pageants. They go so far as to beat them on the street.

Suicide bombers engage in that dance to show their devotion to Islam and the infidels who oppress and dismantle their societies.

Black Nationalist Movements will not expand their horizons far enough to embrace the numerous matrilineal nations and two spirited, sexually fluid societies throughout African history.

The Oppressor and the Oppressor’s solution given to us are one and the same.

It’s like the drug war.

We must be balanced. We must be unabashedly free. We must love our people unconditionally.

Let us celebrate the animals within each other.

Let us be the epitome of what our ancestors were.

Let us smoke in the haze of white bullets.

Let us manifest the Buddha, for we all possess the ability to reach enlightenment.

Their White Christ echoes them. No one can touch the palace; your guilt condemns you to a lifetime of subservience and compliance.

Machiavelli taught them well.

We must bathe each other in the waters of resistance art and uncompromising love. Encapsulate DMT in our bones. We are the experience.

Now burn a monument glorifying conquest —- up —-so that your brothers and sisters over the hill can see it.

Miracles occur when we lose our fear. Abandon Comfort. You are the material you seek.

The fight will not be on the street. You must be the street. Demand nothing from your politicians.

More people conversing about police brutality and state terror do not mean progress.

More people who show up at the rally does not mean progress. It means there are more extras in the Global Empire documentary.

Sincerity isn’t enough. Wanting to “do good” isn’t enough. Hating the country isn’t enough. Wanting liberty isn’t enough. Being curious isn’t enough.

We must be armed with knowledge of past lives and past fights.

We must resist and creatively express from a foundation of spiritual clarity.

We must confront them like the jazz musician – with every part of our body, while our souls dance with the ether and we toss their pearls into the Mississippi.

This is Nat Turner, intelligently directed. This is Little Bighorn. This is Haiti, 1801. This is the Black Revolution —-Reinvented.

Unified Planetary Consciousness is Tecumseh’s Confederation.

The Evolution exists in our ability to heal and purify each other telepathically, with a power they don’t have.

Fire Next Time?

Fire this time. How badly they seek to dominate the cosmos.

The cosmos can destroy the white whale, the white man, the white cancer that attached itself to man.

It was a born death bringer. The white whale will obliterate itself in battle with the cosmos. It is fate.

We are the cosmos. Embrace it. Wake up man.

Fire this time.

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